Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Why I Choose Green...

Meet the candidates today was fun, entertaining, and interesting. Good job and good luck to all of the candidates who are running. In advance, though, I must warn you that I may upset some of you who hold views that I oppose.

Today, the republicans and tea party-ists (who are pretty much extremist republicans who need to feel special by creating their own party) brought up issues in which they promised unoriginal and unobtainable changes which we have been hearing for years: less taxes, more jobs, less regulations in major industries, tighter borders, and less social welfare programs. Not only are they greedy, ignorant, selfish, and entitled, but there has not been a single republican in office recently that has actually been able to carry out their plan to make the United States the most brainless and corrupt nation in the world. Either the father, the son, or the holy spirit hasn't followed through yet, or they're doing something wrong.

I'm hoping it's the latter of the two.

In a land far, far away from the right winged, Christian conservatives sits the green party. The party that doesn't accept corporate donations in an effort to keep politics clean, fair, and in the people's hands. The party that understands that the air we breathe and the place we live is more important than the stock portfolios we hold. The party that advocates social justice and equality for all, and not just for middle-class whites. The party that realizes that it is time to make the government work for the people and not for the politicians. The party that believes that the future is just as important as the now. The party that can give America the wake up call it needs.

I choose green because I know that this earth is the only thing we have and that protecting it is most important thing we can do to ensure a better life. If you disagree with me, fire away. I just hope that in the end, we can all get along.

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