Wednesday, October 20, 2010

The Great Debate

Good job once again to all the candidates who debated today. It takes guts to go up there and improv such difficult questions. However, since it is their job to know the facts and be able to quickly react to tough questions, I thought I'd ask a few more just for fun.

Let's start with one of the most significant issues: unemployment. Whitman, Devore, and Ogden argued that green job creation was not the solution as it took too much time to grow and was inefficient. Instead, they pushed for less regulations and a more friendly business environment. Although I am no economist, I don't think the reason we have such high employment is because of government regulations. It's because of the unregulated and out of control "business friendly environment" we had a few years ago that our economy is in such a bad place. Over-investing caused by selfish businessmen who weren't being looked after are the culprits of this recession. Thus, I see it completely illogical to further loosen the reigns on business even if it does mean we get a few jobs in the process. In the long run, our economy will end up back in the hole it's in right now. That said, lets try something new. Let's get off of our foreign oil addiction and start really investing in new energy sources and put people to work retrofitting millions of solar panels and alternative energy sources. Because, let's face it. There would be no business to do if we destroyed our planet and it's resources.

I don't even know where to begin with the right side when it comes to prop 23. I loved Mr. Brown's metaphor today that postponing the global warming act is like beating your wife when you're sad and suddenly stopping when you're happy. Do these conservatives not understand that if we repeal the global warming bill it will never get passed? If this happens, every time we try to push ourselves to find new energy sources and get away from our toxic and polluting lifestyles, we will simply say, “It can wait until next year." Putting off our disrespect of the planet is something I, and the rest of the people with hearts on this planet, will see as blasphemous. Yes, it will be hard to stop our oil dependency and yes, we will suffer for a long time. But Ms. Whitman's statements today that, "we need to put ourselves before the environment," and "the planet can bounce back from pollution," are tragically false. It is all we have and our lives and futures depend on a clean and useful place to live. Wake up conservatives; life isn't all about making money and being successful.

My last hot topic, immigration, is always a hard call. Illegal immigrants are people who simply want better lives. I almost laughed aloud the other day when Mr. Devore stated his concern that terrorists in the form of illegal immigrants are going to soon attack LA and San Francisco if we don't do something about them. Someone needs to see a therapist about their fear issues. And again today, Mr. Devore stated that he is fine with immigrants as long as they come here legally. I would like to see Devore, himself, try to come into this country legally from Mexico. Here's a website that shows the steps and eligibility requirements needed to obtain a green card: If I were to post the steps on this blog, the server might jam up with information overload. Needless to say, there needs to be a better way to offer America's opportunities to every person of every nationality.

Go green if you want to change the fouled up nation we are currently living in. If you want to be healthier, more respectful, and more rational, vote Green on November 2. Vote Wells.

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