Tuesday, November 2, 2010

One Final Idea

Even though the election is over and the votes have been tallied. There is one final issue that truly supports all of the third parties, and I hope all of the United States.
Earlier this year, I heard about possible legislation that was designed to end all political parties and instead make elections based upon the candidates positions in which the best are elected into office. I agree strongly with this position because it allows the people's voices to truly be heard, and it makes at least one label disappear off of political elections. Maybe now people won't vote solely off of party lines, and instead vote on what they feel is the reasonable solution. With such an election there would be no third parties, so everyone can have a legitimate change of having their candidate voted into office. In office, there would not be divides to support parties, and no "mavericks" because they decided to go against their party. Instead, issues would most likely be solved by moderate groups, legitimate compromises have a higher probability of occurring, and debates before the election would talk more about the issues and less "I'm a democrat/republican, so vote for me!" Support for this movement goes all the way back to George Washington's presidency, during which he implored the country to not become divided into political parties.
Without political parties the nation can return to a place where everyone's voice can truly be heard and represented by those in office, and we can end this cycle of neither party being successful in office. In case anyone hasn't noticed, being too extreme on ideals only makes the situation worse, and compromise and moderation are at the basis of democracy. We need to end the idea that the only two positions are big government and small government, and social control or freedoms, and instead find the happy medium that gives the best rights to all of the people to ensure our ever famous ideal of life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness.

It's the Thought That Counts

Although the Green Party lost this election by a quite a few votes, I have no regrets in choosing to be so responsible and respectful of this earth. As it had been said in class, independent parties are in the race not to win elections, but to evoke thought about the way the big boy Democrats and Republicans do things. We're here to say that we are tired of the way politics is being handled by both the right and the left. We're tired of the old way of thinking and the old way of doing things.

Our world is in a place it has never been before. Turbulent change is happening every day in every aspect of life. Politics is becoming a muddled down, corrupt entity where money rules all. Social ideas are expanding rapidly, with new thoughts and open beliefs about the way people live their lives. Society is experiencing a shift in power from the old to the new. Our parents' and elders' ideas are slowly fading away while a new generation takes center stage in a time when synergy and constructive thought is the key to the future of the world.

In short, the world desires a new type of leadership. A goodbye from the heirarchy we see in our current politics and a hello to the acceptance of ideas and thoughts where everyone and everything gets a chance to be heard, including our mother earth. The next generation leaders will not be great speakers but great listeners. They will not have simple plans to fix things but will have open ears, eyes, and hearts to the arguments of every side of the spectrum and come up with compromises on how to most effectively solve problems. Last and most importantly, the idea of wealth will no longer be grand estates, corporate jobs, and nice cars. Wealth will be the ability to breath the air, to go outside and to use our noses to smell the fresh air which will be so rare and so close to extinction. The best riches in the world will be those that are green.

If we do not work together to change our ways, humanity will eventually collapse. The Green Party is only trying to espress this urgent message.

Congratulations to Jerry Brown for winning the gubernatorial seat. I applaud his policies on green technology and innovation and social acceptance. I wish him the best of luck in office and hope that he carries out his duty with more politics on his mind. I hope he listened to the Green Party's message and realizes how important it truly is.
If he did, we did our job as a party.
If he didn't, we might just have to wait until the next election to try to wake up the people of the earth.

This is Cody Schaaf saying goodbye for the Green Party.

It's a good day to be a Democrat

In a very close race today, Jerry Brown was elected governor of the state of California, and Barbara Boxer kept her seat as senator of California. Republican candidates Meg Whitman and Carly Fiorina just trailed them, and from the third party gubernatorial candidates, Libertarian Dale Ogden took the largest chunk, coming right behind Ms. Whitman, while Laura Wells and Chuck DeVore came in third and fourth respectively.

Out of all the candidates who ran this year, it was very obvious to me that the two candidates with a clear plan for California's future are Mr. Jerry Brown and Ms. Barbara Boxer. So, naturally, I was very pleased to hear the election results.

Regarding the propositions, Prop 20, the redrawing of congressional district boundaries, was passed, and Proposition 27 failed. Proposition 23, suspending the Global Warming Act of 2006, also failed, much to the delight of the Green Party. Proposition 19 legalizing marijuana passed as well, so now if you'd like, you can celebrate another great day in California by smoking some pot, and the cops won't come after you.

Fate seemed to be smiling on the Democratic Party today, as everything pretty much leaned in our favor. Congratulations to Governor Brown and Senator Boxer, and I anticipate good days in California up ahead under Democratic administration.