Monday, October 25, 2010

Not So Crazy After All

The green party: the extreme liberal hippies who only care about smoking pot and holding hands in an impractically idealistic society. Or so you thought.

Dwayne Roberts, green party candidate for U.S. Senate, spoke today on the issues he was running on and the general sentiment of the green party on the current political situation. Although, at first, you may have thought he was underdressed, in my opinion, he redeemed himself quite well with the poignant points he made concerning the federal issues rocking our nation.

Robert made it clear that he was about getting to the core of the issues, not finding ways to get around them. This was especially prevalent in his argument for the legalization of marijuana, as he described how the drug war could be stopped once and for all and how the high tax revenue could help us get out of our massive debts. He also pointed out that industrial hemp can be used to stimulate hundreds of other industries in our nation and made it clear that racism and class barriers are at the root of the marijuana issue.

Along with pot, he expressed his hopes for a universal medicare system similar to that of Britain’s, immediate withdrawal of troops, and the halt of using nuclear energy to power America. In all, his arguments made sense and were quite rational. I especially enjoyed his description of why the U.S. has troops in the middle east: for oil and power. He made it clear that no matter what the big parties say, they are puppets of big business interests and are virtually the same. It's time that we start considering third parties and the significant issues they often bring up, as he also mentioned.

The green party, although small, has a serious and practical method to saving this nation from the people that control it and us. It's time we consider what makes sense and what helps our nation to respect the planet and other people's rights. Take the green party seriously and remember that, unlike the Democrats and the Republicans, we care about you, this country, and this earth.

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