Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Confused, Outrageous, and Deceptive

The October 20, 2010 debate gave the people of California a look at the potential governors in this election. And what an interesting look it was. One must question whether most of our potential governors even know their own positions on issues that are considered crises in California; if they don’t know their issues, how are they supposed to solve them?
Let’s begin with our wish-washy Libertarian, Mr. Ogden. His policies seemed to be logical, generally following the typical Libertarian stance on things. Less government regulation of business, giving people the choice to put whatever they want into their bodies, freedom of choice in regards to abortion, and the like. However, some interesting points came up when Mr. Ogden was discussing Proposition 23. He initially took a stance in favor of the proposition, stating that green restrictions are really restricting commerce and business and that we must focus on the economic challenges that face California. Why then, Mr. Ogden, did you end with the puzzling statement, “We cannot sacrifice our environment for the sake of our own well being.”? What is it that you support? Are we to believe that you are against Proposition 23, that the environment comes first? Mr. Ogden cannot seem to make up his mind.
And what could be worse than the egregious double-speak of Mr. Ogden? Nothing less than outrageous comments put out by the Green candidate, a Ms. Laura Wells. The recent jailbird made a very interesting statement regarding Proposition 19 and marijuana: “Marijuana can only help us.” Hmmm, let’s examine the effects of the so called harmless drug. “The marijuana available today is much more potent than that of the past…we’ve seen an upswing in the number of emergency room admissions related to marijuana use,” says Cynthia J. Mears, D.O., a specialist at Children’s Memorial Hospital in Chicago. In addition, marijuana use can affect learning abilities by impairing the hippocampus, the brain’s memory center, according to Nora Volkow, M.D., director of the National Institute on Drug Abuse. Marijuana also has psychiatric effects, including amotivational syndrome, which basically results in an extreme loss of interest in activities, creating what is commonly known as “burn-outs.” Furthermore, marijuana is an addictive drug. Repetitive use of marijuana inhibits the brain’s production of endogenous cannabinoids, naturally occurring chemicals that help the body deal with stress. When one is not under the influence of marijuana, and is no longer able to produce endogenous cannabinoids, they are much more susceptible to stress, and therefore likely to smoke more, creating a never-ending cycle of abuse. So, it seems that Ms. Wells believes that damaging the brain, creating a workforce of burnouts at a time when our state needs innovative thinking, and facilitating the formation of addictions will help California. I believe that she needs to rethink.
But Ms. Wells does not stop at marijuana, oh no, the outrageous comments only continue. The ever shocking Ms. Wells backs a platform that supports same-sex marriage, and that’s all fine and dandy. However, while elaborating on her views, Ms. Wells let slip a more radical initiative: “People can do whatever they want.” Really Ms. Wells, whatever they want? So, people should be allowed to commit mass murders, to involve themselves in hate crimes, even to damage the environment if they so wish? What it appears is that our radical Green Party candidate is really not in favor of anything about the Californian government, but rather an anarchist that wants to eliminate all order. Is this the woman California wants to elect? One who will destroy all hopes of ever recovering our state? I think not.
Of course, we cannot forget our dear Democrat, Mr. Jerry Brown, up for another reign in Sacramento. Mr. Brown repeatedly stated in the debate how firm he was going to be in regards to the economy of California, just like he was in his first try as governor. He knows how to handle a budget, and he won’t let any politicians get their way around his regulations. However, considering Mr. Brown’s record, what is his true motivation for keeping a tight fist clenched around the government’s wallet? Could it possibly be that he wants all the money for himself? History seems to imply that it is. When he was governor, he may have gotten a budget in, but he also managed to increase spending in Sacramento by 120%. Additionally, he gave his staff an 8% pay raise as well as letting the Legislature increase its own pay by 10%. And Californians think that somehow Mr. Brown has changed his ways. Let me tell you, you can’t teach an old dog new tricks. Dear old Mr. Brown is the same as always; as Attorney General, he recklessly spent $230,000 of taxpayer money to redecorate his office. According to Mr. Brown, a fancy new desk lamp is worth stealing from public education.
How can Californians trust these left-wing candidates? The answer is, they can’t.

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