Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Libertarians - Don't YOU want liberty for California?

Libertarians - quite literally, the people of liberty. Just the name evokes powerful emotions in everyday Americans. Why? What was this country built on, I ask? LIBERTY, I respond. How anyone joins any other party, well, the reason escapes my ability to fathom such.

When I strolled about the streets of Mission Viejo, discussing politics with the various wandering citizens as I always do on Tuesday and Wednesday nights, I found many a confused voter who couldn’t quite tell me what Libertarians are all about. I scoffed at more than one person that night, for our very base is found in the name. Liberty. We are the party that professes liberty in all aspects of life, whether it be economic, political, or social. There is nothing more important than our right to freedom, our right to choose, and our right to decide for ourselves what is right for each one of us. Intrusive government agencies and legislation only contradicts what our founding fathers intended for the generations of Americans that were to come after them.

However, despite my own passionate feelings about such a magnificent piece of American politics, I am aware that some have unfortunately placed the Libertarians in a less… reverent light. Thankfully, due to our American freedom of expression, our freedom of association, and our freedom of speech, the esteemed and dashing Dale Ogden gallantly represents the Libertarian party in the 2010 election for the governor of California.

Now, who is Dale Ogden, you say? Let’s take a look, in a little segment I like to fondly refer to as Inspector America: A Closer Look.

Dale Ogden is no stranger to hard work or the plight of the working man. In fact, he began his first career as a high school math teacher, and through his life has also worked in the insurance and accounting industries. He met the love of his life, Colleen Ogden, in Southern California, and has been married to her for over 21 years, and also has a son, Dale Jr. He has been active in politics for over 15 years, and is no stranger to the government of California.

Now, I’m sure that all my readers were viewed each riveting Meet the Candidate show on October 19th. Meg Whitman, gubernatorial candidate, and Carly Fiorina bared their faces on the Bill O’Reilly Show, spouting their usual right-wing propaganda, while the respectable Ms. Laura Wells from the Green Party appeared on the Daily Show, and the Democrats made their usual rounds on the Troy Ritchie Experience with Jerry Brown and Barbara Boxer. Heck, it was a real party that night when even the Tea Party introduced their candidate, Chuck DeVore, on the George Lopez Show. But the most important show to watch that night was none other than Larry King Live, hosted by Larry King, undoubtedly live, where the Libertarians had a rousing introduction. Ogden spoke a few words about the Libertarian platform, particularly about his plans for the economy and our view on the illegal immigrant issue. Perhaps the most memorable part was the recitation of the notable party motto: Stay out of my pants, stay out of my pockets. And that is exactly what the Libertarians plan to do should Ogden be elected governor.

Also, the Libertarians made another appearance at the Gubernatorial Debate today, where a variety of subjects were discussed, from the controversial Proposition 19 to abortion and illegal immigration. While there is plenty to say about the commentary of the Democrats, Republicans, Greens, and Tea Party members, I want to focus on the words of our beloved candidate, “the Liberator”.

First, the official debate was hosted and monitored by the League of Women Voters, presided over by their president, Minh-Minh Dang-Tran. The first question asked candidates how they proposed to lower the current employment rate in California, a devastating 12.5%. Ogden responded with his proposition that we turn to Texas for figurative guidance. Texas has a premier business environment, and a 1/3rd lower unemployment rate. In order for Californian financial success, we must model our business environment off Texas, where governmental regulations to businesses are minimal. Moreover, he pledged to use the line-item veto to counter the liberal legislation at Sacramento that tries to further strangle our businesses. To be honest, this is exactly what we need. Taxes are simply rampant in California, and entrepreneurs are snipped at the bud of ingenuity when they try to start up shop. After all, why start a business in Los Angeles when you can start in Dallas and pay thousands, if not millions less for doing so? And the continual attempt of the state government to control business is only hurting us more, which necessitates the need for the line item veto. Republican candidate Meg Whitman put it perfectly when she said, “businesses help the economy, not government.” At least she got one thing right; although her billions made with her questionable dealings with Goldman Sachs no doubt swayed her opinion.

The debate then turned to Proposition 19, where voters are initiating a vote calling for the decriminalization, and therefore legalization, of marijuana. While the Tea Party and Republicans took a negative stance on the subject as a whole, and the Democrats liking the idea but not the legislation, Ogden reminded us all that the crime of the possession of marijuana is a “victimless crime,” and that Californians should have the freedom to smoke it if they so choose so. After all, it is our lives that we’re supposedly ruining, isn’t it?

Later discussed was Proposition 23, which calls for the suspension of implementation of the Air Pollution Control Law, otherwise referred to as AB32, until the unemployment rate drops to 5.5% for a full year. The Libertarian supports this proposition because it proposed the suspension of additional governmental regulations, which is almost always positive, and it will help stimulate economic prosperity here in California.

Other discussed topics were abortion, same sex marriage, and immigration. Abortion and same-sex marriage are easy topics for Libertarians, because they deal with social rights, which the Libertarians support fully and wholeheartedly. On abortion, Ogden states that abortion should be “safe, rare, and legal,” in that women deserve to keep themselves safe, and while it should be legal, it should also be a rare occurrence. Women, being members of the human race, are subject to all the rights that men receive as well, and have the right to decide what is to be within their body. However, that does not mean that we should be aborting at the last moment. The Libertarian Party supports the decision of Roe v. Wade, where women can get an abortion in the first two trimesters, but are otherwise responsible for carrying the child to term.

The Libertarian Party thus far has exhibited an extremely solid and rational platform, and is quite the favorable party, at least in comparison to some. These debates can leave some to wonder just what’s in that tea that the extreme right is drinking.

As we prepare for the guest speech by Congressman Bob Booth tomorrow and the Senatorial Debate on Friday, remember which party is the true party of America - the party that stands not for just our freedom, but for yours as well.


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