Tuesday, November 2, 2010

One Final Idea

Even though the election is over and the votes have been tallied. There is one final issue that truly supports all of the third parties, and I hope all of the United States.
Earlier this year, I heard about possible legislation that was designed to end all political parties and instead make elections based upon the candidates positions in which the best are elected into office. I agree strongly with this position because it allows the people's voices to truly be heard, and it makes at least one label disappear off of political elections. Maybe now people won't vote solely off of party lines, and instead vote on what they feel is the reasonable solution. With such an election there would be no third parties, so everyone can have a legitimate change of having their candidate voted into office. In office, there would not be divides to support parties, and no "mavericks" because they decided to go against their party. Instead, issues would most likely be solved by moderate groups, legitimate compromises have a higher probability of occurring, and debates before the election would talk more about the issues and less "I'm a democrat/republican, so vote for me!" Support for this movement goes all the way back to George Washington's presidency, during which he implored the country to not become divided into political parties.
Without political parties the nation can return to a place where everyone's voice can truly be heard and represented by those in office, and we can end this cycle of neither party being successful in office. In case anyone hasn't noticed, being too extreme on ideals only makes the situation worse, and compromise and moderation are at the basis of democracy. We need to end the idea that the only two positions are big government and small government, and social control or freedoms, and instead find the happy medium that gives the best rights to all of the people to ensure our ever famous ideal of life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness.

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